Service Loaner Program

If you need a Service Loaner while you're vehicle is in for service, be sure to book ahead with our Service staff.

Before we provide you with one of our Service Loaners our Service Staff shall:

1- Help you complete a Rental Agreement/Service Loaner form.

2- Ask you to read and initial #1, 3, 4, & 7 of the form.

3- Ask you to confirm with your insurance company if the Service Loaners are covered under your insurance policy as a temporary substitute vehicle and if you have Auto/OPCF27 coverage. Most insurance companies have these two items on the policy, you just have to check to ensure you have the coverage.

4- Confirm that you are at least 21 years of age with a valid driver's license.

5- Ask you not to operate vehicle in an area outside of Ontario.

6- Ask you if you're still with the same insurance company and still have the same coverage. They shall document your insurance company name & policy number on the form.

7- Fill in Authorized Driver's Name, Driver's License Number and ask you to read the form before you sign.

service loaner program

Customers are responsible for:

1- Any loss or damage to the vehicles whether or not caused by their negligence and responsible to pay their insurance deductible.

2- Their own gas and to ensure there is no smoking in the vehicles.

No Charge Fee for all warranty repairs.

$5.00 per day for service retail customers.

100 Free Kilometers. See Service staff for details. If you do not have the insurance coverage to drive our Service Loaners we may offer pick-up and delivery for you.

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    IMPORTANT: You can easily remove your consent at any time!